Dowdeswell Plough

Henry Tomlinson first contacted Amtec 15 years ago and has ploughed a straight furrow to our premises ever since!

Henry is a farmer and time served agricultural engineer, with a farm workshop totally equipped with a functional, historical machine shop and welding equipment capable of repairing any broken piece of equipment. His precision attitude has encompassed his love of ploughing. A mix of seasonal contracting work includes over 400 acres of ploughing and it is this which attracted Henry to purchase a Dowdeswell from Amtec in 2015 to update the one he purchased from them 15 years ago! An increase of oats and maize crops being grown over the years necessitated a wider bodied plough with a wider distance between each plough body to cleanly bury the rubbish. 

“I thought the old Dowdeswell plough was good when I purchased it, but farming and crops have advanced. When I discussed with Jim Ellis the problems I was experiencing trying to cleanly bury oat roots, he clearly understood my problems and advised the remedy, which has worked brilliantly now for two seasons. It certainly helped discussing farming problems with a salesman who knows farming himself. I wanted a straightforward, simple shear bolt protected plough which can handle most soils, turning over cleanly at 5.5mph. This one does it well”.

Henry’s purchase and trade deal was conducted over the telephone with neither person seeing the product they were purchasing prior to delivery into each yard. “The deal was done on trust” said Henry. “I know from experience that what Amtec says the machine is, and how it will perform, is the right information. I have never had to worry about having to inspect my second hand purchases from them closely, as what they say is what you get ….and I earn my living from that reputation".

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