Farm Machinery Auction

Our Online Auction Platform

At AMTEC, we can also help you sell your used farm machinery. Whether it is to one of our clients looking for a particular machine or through our website via our auction platform, we can always make sure it’s the best exit plan for your equipment when you have finished with it. Our online auction platform is growing in popularity due to its simplicity and affordability. There are no hidden fees or commissions for the buyer or seller, just a straightforward listing fee. The listing and payment are all carried out online, and the machine’s purchase is directly between the buyer and seller.

With our new upgraded platform, you can add multiple listings and choose between a timed auction or a “buy it now” listing. This means that you can sell machinery in a matter of clicks without having to leave your tractor cab! Listing fees start as low as £20, making it an option for small, low-cost items as well. We genuinely believe that this is the most cost-effective and most straightforward online machinery selling platform on the market today.

5 Reasons to use AMTEC auctions:

1. An active online marketplace

As part of the AMTEC website, the online auction has 1000’s of visitors every month and a large majority of these are active buyers of machinery. Any buyers on the online auction must register with AMTEC before placing a bid or offer. Giving you access to a marketplace of interested machinery buyers to advertise your machinery to.

2 It’s affordable

With listings from only £20+vat and no buyer or seller commission this platform is affordable. You enter your card details with the listing but the payment only goes through when the machinery sells.
Machine Value Listing Price
£0 - £999             £20 +Vat
£1000 - £4999     £150 +Vat
£5000 +              £250 +Vat

3 It’s an auction

With restrictions on physical auctions for the foreseeable future, this platform offers an opportunity for farmers to participate in an auction, whether buying or selling and pick up a bargain.

4 It’s simple

-Register for an account in a matter of clicks
-The listing process is a step-by-step process with advice all the way to help you get the most out of your listing.
-There is an easy to use an instant messaging system built into the platform to help buyers and sellers connect.

5. From the experts

AMTEC has been buying and selling used farm machinery for over a quarter of a century, and we’ve used the expertise gained along the way to build what we believe is the ultimate online machinery marketplace.

We launched our online auction platform 18 months ago, and during this time, we have made several changes and listened closely to buyers and sellers using the platform to improve the offering.

With all this experience and feedback to work with, we are re-launching a brand new platform which we honestly believe it is the ultimate online auction for buyer and seller alike. The new auctions will be timed auctions, with each lot closing separately, and all lots will be listed on the site for a week before the auction to view the lots and decide which you are bidding on.

The Seller Benefits:

  • Create your listings and photos through your online account.
  • Create multiple listings at one time
  • Don't pay until the machine has sold 
  • No commissions
  • Simple to use 
  • Communicate directly with the buyers through the online chat 

The Buyer Benefits 

  • No commissions - no costs 
  • Deal directly with the seller 
  • Machinery listings from farmers all over the UK 
  • Add machinery to your watchlist and get notified when the lot you are interested in is open for bids.


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