Hire Farm and Agricultural Machinery

Imagine having 350 machines to choose from without having to buy any of them!

AMTEC's extensive range of machinery is now widely available for hire, with over 350 machines to choose from. Hire is rapidly growing in popularity amongst farmers as a very cost-effective way to access the best machinery for the job on hand. Draw on our years of experience buying and selling farm machinery to get the best equipment to hire. The extensive selection includes ploughs, cultivators, trailers and even drills!

Get a quick quote from our hire calculator below to give you a guide price on the cost of hiring equipment, or check out the many benefits of hiring machinery in the overview below.

Hiring makes good sense and is another smart farming solutions from AMTEC.

Benefits of hiring with Amtec

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Hiring saves money
Hiring means there is no capital outlay. You can have immediate access to our huge range of equipment. You save on labour costs, and the worries about the problems of depreciation and storage are left with Amtec.
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You hire, you’re the boss
You plan your work to suit yourself and hire the equipment only when you need it. Your machinery can be another business tool to get ahead, not a worry and capital expense.
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Try before you buy
If you’re thinking about investing in equipment, why not try before you buy with Amtec to ensure it’s what you really want.
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Business hiring is fully tax deductible
Unlike capital equipment, hiring comes off your tax bill in the first year. You can still have the machinery you need and reduce your tax bill.
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Hiring makes your work easy
The right equipment makes the most difficult task easy. Work is safer and more productive with equipment from Amtec.
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Hiring helps meet peak demands
You can add to your existing equipment during peak periods such as harvest, by simply calling Amtec.
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More reliable equipment
We are constantly upgrading and adding to our huge range to provide you with the most reliable equipment. Our careful cleaning, servicing and testing ensures you hire reliable and efficient equipment.
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We’re committed to service
Any business is only as good as its people. The staff at Amtec are committed to providing you with the equipment you need and more importantly, when you need it.

Examples of Hiring from Amtec

We have a wide selection of machinery available to hire from our range.  Here we've listed a few popular machines and an example weekly charge.  You can get a quick quote on your requirements below.

Claydon 7.5M Stubble Rake

Claydon 7.5M Stubble Rake - From £800 per week

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Excellent condition, 2012 year, good disc coulters, hydraulic folding. From £1700 per week

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Excellent condition, hydraulic fold, hydraulic packer, hydraulic depth control board, 2019, 460 HP rated

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Hire FAQ's

Not as such, but with over 400 machines on site, there would be more than 250 machines to choose from so generally plenty of choice for most situations.

The machine will leave our site on good metal or with metal supplied if necessary, and then it would be maintained by the hirer, including any further wearing metal needed. Damage made beyond what is acceptable is then charged extra.  Also, the machine should be returned in the clean condition that it was delivered in.  Failure to do so could result in extra charges.

Yes this is acceptable.  The salesmen will need to be notified and the extra cost will be invoiced.