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Vaderstad agricultural machines are the perfect option for longevity and reliability. Originating from Sweden, the company has been manufacturing and providing farming machinery to farms around the globe since the early 1960s.

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More about Vaderstad Farm Machinery

Known mostly for the Rapid range of seed drills that revolutionised farming methods in the 1980s, Vaderstad produce farm machinery of many different types for the modern day farm. The current range includes some of the leading machines in our new and used farming equipment range on the market today, including the Vaderstad Spirit disc drill, Tempo precision seeder and the ever-popular Carrier sort disc cultivator which has been a best seller at AMTEC in recent years. Whilst they are predominately known for their tillage and direct drilling machinery, the Väderstad brand range includes and accessories and quality wearing parts popular with farmers around the globe.

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At Amtec we have a wide range of used Vaderstad farm machinery available from our most popular seed drills, cultivators and presses. Our second-hand agricultural equipment is sourced directly by our team and trusted by farmers around the world. Some of the most popular Vaderstad farm machinery models available with Amtec include the Vaderstad Carrier 500, Vaderstad NZA, and the Vaderstad Reixus twin

Väderstad Rapid Seed Drill

The flagship of Väderstad machines. The Rapid seed drill revolutionised arable planting in the late 1980’s early 1990’s and continues to lead the way today. As the name suggests, these machines are capable of high speed and precise drilling of cereal crops. They can be used as part of a variety of farming methods, as part of a minimum tillage system or drilling into a seedbed create using intensive cultivation. Vaderstads range of Rapid seed drills offers impressive results in all conditions. The system used by the Rapid range encompasses seedbed preparation, levelling, drilling, and reconsolidation all in a single pass, resulting in highly efficient seeding results. The Rapid system allows for control of the seed depth from the cab allowing for easy adjustments to be made on the go. The unique design ensures that a seed slot is always clean, regardless of soil type, and that a very fine soil bed is created for the seed to maximise germination. Offering the opportunity for maximum yields and expert handling on the pass, the Vaderstad Rapid range is top of the range.

Väderstad Tempo Seed Drill

The Vaderstad Tempo range of seed drills offers both high speeds and precision. With one of the Vaderstad Tempo models holding the world record for hectares planted in 24 hours, it’s easy to see how these machines could benefit your farm. Due to the pressurised seeding system built into the Vaderstad Tempo range, high speeds can be achieved without worrying about seeds jumping out of their slots due to vibrations. They are placed with precision and packed to ensure maximum soil contact and allow quick germination. Due to the precise and quick nature of the seed placement, you can expect higher yields and more efficient working times from the Tempo range, Vaderstad's premium seed drills.

Vaderstad TopDown Cultivator

The TopDown is a combination cultivator carrying out multiple operations from shallow to complete deep cultivation in one pass. Firstly the two rows of discs for mixing and cutting, then auto-reset legs for deep loosening followed by levelling discs and a steel ring packer for reconsolidation. A Vaderstad Topdown can also be fitted with a Bio-drill to turn it into a seeder for planting crops like OSR.

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Vaderstad Carrier Cultivator

One of the most popular cultivators over recent years, whilst there have been many other ‘short discs’ entering the cultivator market the Vaderstad Carrier remains one of the original and best machines available. Designed for shallow cultivation after harvest to encourage weed growth or ‘chitting’ the Vaderstad Carrier cultivator is equally effective as a secondary cultivator on ploughing or other intensive cultivation methods.

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Väderstad farm machinery is at the core of the AMTEC stock range, and we work to ensure we have one of the finest ranges of Vaderstad drills and cultivators available online and for viewing, with the ability to source Vaderstad machinery upon request as well.

Check our stock of cultivators and seed drills to find the perfect one for you today. Contact our team for advice on which farm machinery is suitable for you.

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