Used WEAVING for sale in the UK

AMTEC has a range of used Weaving drills for sale and hire in the UK, like the Weaving Tine Drill and GD Seed Drill. Founded in 1983, Weaving have since launched a variety of agricultural machinery, with their most popular being their selection of drills.

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More about Weaving Farm Machinery

At AMTEC, we offer a variety of new and used Weaving agricultural machinery for all your farming needs. With a strong presence in the UK and throughout Europe, Weaving agricultural machinery stands as a frontrunner in zero-till farming practices. The GD seed drill, renowned for its suitability in no-till systems, enjoys popularity among farmers across the continent.

As part of Weaving's commitment to soil health and maintaining the quality of your fields, their Stubble Rake is meticulously crafted to foster micro-tilth, retain soil moisture, and preserve essential nutrients.

The History of Weaving Farm Machinery

Founded by Edward Weaving in 1983, Weaving Machinery is a family-run company dedicated to providing high-quality, farmer-centric agricultural machinery. Their expertise in low-disturbance farming equipment, including drills and cultivators, has made them a leading agricultural machinery manufacturer. They continually enhance their products to meet current standards and technology. All their machinery is crafted for consistency and quality at their Chadbury, Worcestershire facility.

The Innovations in Weaving Machinery

  • Precision Agriculture: Weaving farm machinery now employs precision agriculture, using GPS-guided technology for accurate planting, fertilising, and harvesting, boosting yields and minimising waste.
  • Mechanisation: Automated weaving machines have replaced manual labor, handling tasks like sowing, harvesting, and sorting, saving time and money.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Some Weaving machinery is equipped with sensors, offering insights into soil health, weather, and crops for informed decision-making.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Weaving drills are designed to minimise soil disruption, reduce fuel use, and optimise resources, promoting eco-friendly farming.
  • Crop Adaptability: Advanced Weaving machinery adapts to different crops and terrains, meeting diverse farming needs.

Choose AMTEC – The UK’s leading provider of used Weaving farm agricultural machinery for sale in the UK

Hundreds of farmers use AMTEC to ensure they get exactly what they need for the task ahead. As one of the nation’s leading suppliers to the agricultural industry, with more than 25 years’ experience, we have the knowledge to help you get the best deal on all your Weaving machinery needs. Our 9-acre site has a wide range of used farming machinery and brands in stock. We’re conveniently located in central England.

At AMTEC we stock a great range of new and used Weaving machinery and other brands of new and used farm machinery, all checked and approved by our expert team. Our customer-centric approach is at the core of everything we do, ensuring all the farmers that choose us as their equipment partner save time and money while making the best decisions for their needs. Contact us today by calling 01926 640637, sending an email to [email protected], or by using the form on our website. Discover the ways we can help - you won’t regret it!

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