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Known for durability and innovation, as well as being able to maintain value for a longer period of time, Simba farm machinery is a fantastic choice for any working farm. We stock and source Simba machines across a range of areas including cultivators, ploughs and drills. Working with agricultural partners, Simba machinery has developed products designed busy and intense farming environments, reducing the risk of breakdown and ensuring durability is improved.

Simba Cultipress

As the name implies this machine is a combination of a cultivator and a press, it consists of leading tines and levelling boards followed up by Simba's legendary DD press. This machine completes cultivation, levelling and reconsolidation in one pass. The ideal tool for use on the ploughing or primary cultivation to reconsolidate the soil to withstand weathering and to help retain moisture.

Simba X-press

A versatile short disc cultivator, equally at home on the untouched stubble as on breaking down pre-cultivated land to create a seedbed. The Simba X-press is extremely popular with farmers the world over due to its strong build and the wide selection of sizes. The X-press comes in sizes from the 3M mounted, which can come with a leading ST tine bar, to large 6.6M and 8M trailed models.

Simba Flatliner

The Simba Flatliner is a good strong, no-nonsense subsoiler built to last in the toughest environments. It is available in a shear bolt and auto-reset models and can have a variety of leg options for low disturbance etc.

Simba SL

A heavy-duty combination cultivator, with a configuration of auto-reset tines, scalloped discs and a DD packer. The SL is designed for primary cultivation directly onto stubble, and the surface can them be cultivated with a secondary cultivator or drilled directly into. The Simba SL cultivator can also be fitted with a seeder, and oilseed rape can be drilled in one pass.

Simba farm machinery is at the core of the Amtec stock range, and we work to ensure we have one of the finest ranges available online and for viewing, with the ability to source Simba machinery upon request as well.

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