Used Sprayers & Spreaders For Sale in the UK

Farm sprayers and spreaders are used for applying fertiliser, manure, and nutrients to fields to maximise yields on crops. They can also be used to spread pesticides to protect crops from harmful insects like slugs which can often be found in fields destroying plants.

Sprayers have become an essential piece of farm equipment for effective crop production the most popular sprayer models are manufactured by Amazone

The benefits of using sprayers and spreaders

Sprayers and spreaders can help to keep control over crops, allowing them to reach their maximum potential by protecting them from damage and providing them with the compounds they need to grow. Fields can also be prepared for planting with agri-chemicals through the use of sprayers and spreaders.

Mounted or Trailed

Sprayers and spreaders are available mounted or trailed, and both have different strengths and weaknesses.

Mounted sprayers and spreaders

Mounted sprayers and spreaders are the more cost-effective way of using a spreader or sprayer to apply agri-chemicals to a field. However, they can be time-consuming as the mounting and dismounting process can be tedious, and this must be done before and after each application. The capacity of a mounted sprayer or spreader is also limited by the size and power of your tractor.

Trailed spreaders and sprayers

Trailed spreaders and sprayers are attached behind a tractor and towed. Therefore, they are easier to put on and take off the tractor. They usually come with larger capacities than mounted spreaders and sprayers but can also be more difficult to manoeuvre. They are also usually more expensive.

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