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Mzuri works with a sole focus on conservation farming and offers a range of strip tillage equipment to suit the needs of the modern farm now and in the future. The range of equipment on offer includes the Pro-Till range of single-pass drills, the Rehab low disturbance sub-soiler and the Rezult straw rake.

Mzuri machines have been developed and manufactured in direct consultation with growers and the needs they have when out in the fields. As such, machines can offer real-time solutions to everyday problems and challenges of rejuvenating soil structure and long term increasing yields.

All Mzuri products are engineered in Great Britain and are rigorously tested before release.  You can read more about the Mzuri system and product range here

Mzuri Pro-til Drill

The Mzuri Pro-til is a versatile one-pass drill designed primarily as a strip-tillage machine but equally, adapt to drilling in inversion systems. Being such a flexible machine and capable of drilling directly into stubble, minimally tilled land or even after the plough makes the Pro-til the ideal machine to transition from conventional tillage to direct drilling.

Mzuri Rezult Stubble Rake

The Mzuri Rezult straw rake is a major advancement in straw and seedbed management, the perfect tool the combat black grass, reduce slug activity and accelerate the decomposition of straw. With five rows of heavy-duty, 28" tines and optional leading discs, the Rezult is a complete package when it comes to creating a stale seedbed.

Mzuri Rehab Low Disturbance Subsoiler

The Mzuri Rehab is specifically designed to provide maximum subsoil shatter with minimum surface disturbance. Winged points combined with deep cutting discs increases available oxygen and nutrients to promote strong and healthy roots.

Mzuri farm machinery is at the core of the Amtec stock range, and we work to ensure we have one of the finest ranges available online and for viewing, with the ability to source Mzuri machinery upon request as well.

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