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Idrofoglia is an Italian company that produces agricultural machinery for irrigation and dewatering. Established in 1979, Idrofoglia’s founders brought with them to the company over 30 years of experience in the field of agricultural machinery.

Idrofoglia uses its worldwide distribution network to provide irrigation technologies for water and fluid movement to 115 countries. Based in and having strong ties to the Montefeltro region of Northern Italy, the company are also focused on looking after the landscape and environment they work in, striving for green solutions wherever possible. Lying in a territory 4 regions of central Italy: Marches, Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, and Umbria, Idrofoglia have always been part of a large network.

The company provide tailor-made solutions for their customers including custom spec machinery and are dedicated to providing excellent customer support through aftercare services and parts supply. The products are manufactured in Italy providing cost-effective irrigation on small and large arable and amenity projects alike, manufactured utilising the experience and craftsmanship the company has perfected over the last 40 years.

The equipment produced by Idrofoglia includes irrigation machines, hose reels, motor pumps and electric pumps. The company provides equipment built on the need to consistently modernise and

adapt to changing markets, whilst keeping the core of the product as functional and a staple of farming and agriculture in the UK.

Equipment includes irrigation machines, hose reels, motor pumps and electric pumps.

Tubrocar Reels

The Turbocar reels are leading in the agricultural irrigation sector. What makes these machines stand head and shoulders above the rest is how simple they are to use, their low maintenance costs and their excellent build quality. There is a large range of reels to meet everyone’s needs from a small golf course through to a large arable establishment.


We are able to satisfy every need of the market thanks to power range from 5 up to 800Kw, a wide selection of pumps, and the best engine brands powering them. These robust, compact, powerful machines are simple to use and come with a range of control panels.

Idrofoglia Irrigation equipment is at the core of the Amtec stock range and we work to ensure we have one of the finest ranges available online and for viewing, with the ability to source Idrogfoglia equipment upon request as well.

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