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Ideal for high output stubble cultivation and burying trash discs can be a cost-effective solution direct onto stubble or to break down ploughing. Our comprehensive range in Discs, are here to ensure you can successfully for soil preparation.

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There are several apparent benefits of using Disc Harrow farm equipment, including the fact they are an indispensable tool for primary and secondary cultivation. From the heavily built Simba and Gregoire Besson discs to the more recent X-pattern Kuhn or Quivogne discs, AMTEC has a range to suit any farm.

The benefits of using Disc Harrow Farm Equipment

Farming equipment is constantly evolving before being replaced altogether. Others types of farming equipment endure and continue to prove their value through generations of change, as our range of traditional new and used agricultural machinery shows. 

One of the most enduring designs is the disc harrow, more commonly known as ‘discs.’ Ever since the days they were operated by horse or oxen, they have proved an indispensable tool for both primary and secondary cultivation of large areas. Modern disc farm equipment is available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, which only adds versatility and ensures they are more relevant to farming today than ever before.

The versatility of a Disc Harrow

Discs are primarily used in the autumn season, to nurture the soil ready for the following years crop. Additionally, the Disc is used to perform shallow cultivation. They are also commonly used straight onto stubble to encourage new growth or ‘chitting’, incorporating crop residue into the soil. Discs are ideal to use when breaking up the clods chopping up heavily packed clay soil.

The steady development of disc harrows has created a vast array of sizes up to 6M and many different options. The height on nearly all disc harrows is adjusted by hydraulics. The largest ones even have separate side sections that can be raised vertically for easier transportation and storage.

Disc maintenance

There are two main types of disc available, one with a smooth edge and the other with a notched edge, both of which are low-maintenance. Their simple design and robust nature mean they tend to last for a longer period. When discs are mounted along a single shaft (an ‘arbour bolt’ or ‘gang bolt’) they are referred to as a gang. Another part that requires occasional replacement is the bearings that allow the shaft to rotate. Replacing the bearings is a typically straightforward task.

Which is the best for you?

When it comes to selecting the right disc farm equipment for your requirements there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration. The main two questions you should ask yourself are:

  • What will the disc harrow be used for?
  • What is the size of the area of land you need to cover?

With various types of single, double and offset disc harrows available, it’s a case of matching you with the best tool for the job.

Although Simba discs are no longer in production, they remain one of the best heavy-duty discs on the market. Thankfully the simple nature of a disc harrow means there are still plenty of good quality second-hand Simba disc sets available. The current leaders in disc manufacturing are generally acknowledged to be Kuhn and Gregoire Besson.

Get the right advice

With discs ranging in size from 20” up to 40”, and various spacing options depending on the intended use, it’s easy to see why you could potentially make the wrong choice. When you are spending anywhere from £1,000 to upwards of £10,000, there’s too much of your hard-earned money involved to leave anything to chance.

Hundreds of farmers use AMTEC to ensure they get exactly what they need for the task ahead. We stock a comprehensive range of discs, from small diameter light-duty sets right through to the mighty Simba Series 4’s. We also have x-pattern folding discs in stock, which are ideal for narrow transport widths.

As one of the nation’s leading suppliers to the agricultural industry, with more than 25 years’ experience, we have the knowledge to help you get the best deal. Our 6-Acre site has hundreds of machines in stock. We’re conveniently located in central England.

Our customer-centric approach is at the core of everything we do, ensuring all the farmers that choose us as their equipment partner save time and money while making the best decisions for their needs. Contact us today by calling 01926 640637, sending an email to [email protected],  or by using the form on our website. Discover the ways we can help - you won’t regret it!

What People Are Saying About AMTEC

What People Are Saying About AMTEC

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Great Plains / Simba X press 5.5 m
John Dalton - 07/06/2024
Honest and very trustfull in dealings ,machines all go through the workshop and are delivered in first class condition ready for work well done regards Tony suckling
Vaderstad 420 Carrier.
Amtec looked after us from the time we arrived at their impeccably laid out site. Nothing was too much trouble. They are easy to deal with and are fair with their pricing and trade in offers.
Mark Osenton - 30/05/2024
Helpful, honest and great service 👍👍
M J C Hocken & Sons - 25/03/2024
There service and contact is second to none very nice group of people and will help in everyway possible
A Edgley Ltd - 05/02/2024

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