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At Amtec our range of Cousins machinery for sale includes some top products, including the Cousins Microwing, Cousins rolls , and Cousins cultivators like the Packa Roller. With subsoilers and pigtail cultivators also available, you can rely on this British made machinery to work your land. Cousins sell agricultural machinery that they are proud of, and have manufactured traditional equipment for over 35 years.

Cousins of Emneth is located around a 40-minute drive from Peterborough and has been a family run business since its founding in 1987. With a dedication to producing hard wearing, farm machinery and agricultural equipment, Cousins sell only the best to farmers around the country.

Born in 1922 Norman Cousins, master blacksmith and founder of the company, began work apprenticing at the age of 14. His blacksmithing skills were renowned around the local county shows, and when he was able to, he saved up enough to buy the forge he had previously apprenticed at. After exhibiting at their first show with their new assets, they sold 22 harrows and began the journey to supplying British and overseas farmers with tough, reliable cultivation equipment and farming machinery. After his initial success, Norman continued to produce new inventions and products that were patented and some of which earned him silver medals at several county shows. The company was taken over by Norman’s son John, and then subsequently by his granddaughter Laura.

Cousins of Emneth now continue to produce rolls, presses, packers, cultivators, harrows, v-forms, and attachments including razor rings and crimper rollers. Cousins machinery continues to build upon its solid foundations of field-tested designs and old-fashioned customer service.

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