Used KVERNELAND for sale in the UK

Kverneland products are used all over the world by farmers, and can be relied upon in even the most difficult soils. At AMTEC, we have a wide range of trusted Kverneland second-hand ploughs for sale, as well as other machinery.

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More about Kverneland farming machinery

Kverneland are manufacturers of farm machinery for a variety of purposes. We stock a range of Kverneland second-hand ploughs for sale, as well as other machinery, including a collection of used tine and maize drills for sale, like the Optima and TS Evo, used power harrows, plus much more. 

Kverneland is a Norwegian company with a reputation for producing some of the strongest ploughs, built to last and of the highest quality. Once the largest agricultural machinery company in the world, Kverneland are a global powerhouse when it comes to farm machinery.

Founded in 1879 by Ole Gabriel Kverneland in one of the most difficult spots to farm in the whole of Norway, the roots of the company lie in the production of scythes. Kverneland built their first forge in a village near Stavanger in Norway to produce scythes, and later started the production of small ploughs. By inventing a steam-powered hammer arm he was able to automate the production of the scythes and get ahead of his competitors, opening up the opportunity to expand. Over the years the company expanded to several countries, and eventually new continents, growing to be at one point the largest agricultural machinery manufacturer in the world.

Now, in more recent times, the company operates factories in Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Russia, and China, whilst exporting to over 60 other countries. They employ over 2550 staff, 77% of which work outside of Norway.

With 142 years of experience manufacturing equipment for all types of soil, Kverneland is driven by innovating around its 3 main principles of agriculture: productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. Their range of equipment includes revered Kverneland ploughs and a wide range of other machinery like mowers and seed drills.

At AMTEC we have a wide range of used Kverneland farm machinery available from our most popular ploughs, seed drills, cultivators and fertiliser spreaders . Our new and second-hand farming machinery range is sourced directly by our team and trusted by farmers around the world.

Kverneland Ploughs

The range of Kverneland ploughs can be used in many different soil types and are available with furrows between configurations of as low as 2 or as high as 12. This means that there is a Kverneland plough suitable for any type of land or job. Boasting strong materials, but also adaptability when ploughing, Kverneland’s range is vast. Kverneland is often considered the leading manufacturer of ploughs, and in terms of innovation and range, they most probably are. From the simple, lightweight 150B to the highly technical, ISOBUS controlled, 2500 i-plough some of Kverneland's latest machines take ploughing to a whole new level. At AMTEC the range of Kverneland ploughs tends to include the LB & LO range of mounted ploughs, the EG & EO auto-reset ploughs and some of the larger semi-mounted and wagon ploughs.

Read our guide to basic plough settings for guidance on ploughing with your new Kverneland plough.

Kverneland EVO TS Seed Drill

A well built, high output tine seeder. The Kverneland Evo has been the first choice for many farmers who have to drill seed in wet and difficult conditions, the strong, sprung tine and compact design make it a very versatile seed drill for a variety of situations and weather conditions. The TS can also cope with high amounts of crop residue and is a cost-effective planting solution with its relatively low-cost purchase price.

Kverneland Seed Drills

Kverneland’s seed drills come in 4 different types: pneumatic precision drills, mechanical precision drills, mounted seed drills, and trailed seed drills. The wide range of direct drills offers many different options for seeding, from fast and efficient seeding capabilities to precision seeding to maximise yields and efficiency. Across the range, all seed and soil types are covered. Some models also come with integrated fertiliser application features. 

Kverneland farm machinery is at the core of the AMTEC stock range, and we work to ensure we have one of the finest ranges available online and for viewing, with the ability to source Kverneland machinery upon request as well.

Check our stock of ploughs and seed drills to find the perfect one for you today. Contact our team for advice on which machinery is suitable for you.

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