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Amtec stock a complete range of presses and rolls for soil consolidation following cultivation or drilling. Agricultural presses are a crucial part of the cultivation process. Presses are used to break up clods of earth while compacting the soil to create a firm and continuous seedbed. By using a press, it allows you to improve the seed-to-soil contact, which in turn helps germination. Agricultural presses can be an efficient way to not only break up clods of earth but also maintain the landscape. At Amtec, we supply a comprehensive range of second-hand farm machinery; in presses from leading brands such as:

Agricultural Presses - Cultivation tools that work for you

Both presses and rolls are relatively low-maintenance with few parts that need replacing. Heavy-duty press rings have a very long life expectancy. The only other part that might require your attention from time to time is the bearings. These also have a long life expectancy and when the time does come to replace them, it’s a straightforward job.

Which ring is the best?

Traditionally the rings would be made from cast steel, but the DD press rings are now far more popular. Cousins developed an alternative known as Razor Rings. These two discs are pressed face to face with a sharp leading edge. There are also other additional features that are popular on presses, particularly leading tines, for cultivation, and paddles or levelling boards which help to knock down clods of earth before pressing the soil.

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