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Horsch is a farm machinery manufacturer who produce a wide range of equipment for farmers around the world, including their legendary Horsch SprinterHorsch TerranoHorsch Joker, and Horsch Pronto series. 

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More about HORSCH farming machinery

Horsch farming equipment covers a wide range of uses, including Horsch drills and Horsch cultivators for establishment on your farmland. Check our range of machinery from Horsch for sale here.

Horsch is a German, family-run company founded in 1984. With humble beginnings on the outskirts of Schwandorf, Dankwart Horsch bought an estate to expand his farming lands.

Being part of an already large family, most of whom were also farmers, Dankwart was from a strong farming background. He had 6 children: Michael Horsch was the eldest and eventual founder of Horsch Machinery. Working for some time abroad in the USA, Horsch returned to help run the family farm. At family meetings he would discuss the needs of the surrounding farms, endeavouring to help wherever possible. Consequently, Michael started producing machinery for the tricky soil in which his family farmed, and the Seed-Extractor was first created in the 1980s, coinciding with the foundation of HORSCH Maschinen GmbH.

The Horsch name has continued to grow ever since, with more family members joining the company and providing their support, Horsch now supplies farming equipment, including Horsch seed drills and Horsch cultivators to countries across the world and has offices and production plants on 4 continents.

Most renowned for its disc seed drills and tine seed drills, Horsch has always been at the forefront of no-till farming, owing to the poor soil conditions the family has always worked with. The Horsch Sprinter seed drill series provides innovative and robust ways to seed, whilst the Horsch Avatar seed drill series offers precision in no-till seeding.

At AMTEC we have a wide range of used farm machinery available from, including, cultivators and presses. Our used agricultural machinery and equipment is sourced directly by our team and trusted by farmers around the world.

Horsch Terrano Cultivator

The Horsch Terrano is a cultivator providing state of the art tillage technology with a variety of uses. Coming in 4 different models, the Horsch Terrano range is adaptable and dependable. The range is capable of covering soil depth tillage from 5 to 30cm and can work safely over most ground types. The Horsch Terrano range is excellent for stubble cultivation and medium tillage. All models are also relatively easy to pull for most tractors, requiring as little as 120HP.

Horsch Pronto Seed Drills

The Horsch Pronto range of disc seed drills is adaptable and efficient, tested on the Horsch farms to optimise for speed and robust design. The Horsch Pronto range is a truly universal seeding technology, capable of operating in all conditions. Regardless of prep done in the field, your soil type, and no matter the seed, the Horsch Pronto range can operate wherever you need them to.

Horsch Joker Cultivator

The Horsch Joker provides stubble cultivation with precision and ease. Creating fine soil seedbeds, and incorporating long straw and difficult residues without strain, the Horsch Joker is also ideal for incorporating organic fertiliser and liquid manure. The range boasts improved performance, with both handling and speed maximised for your work.

Horsch Sprinter Seed Drills

The Horsch Sprinter range provides flexible tine seeding solutions. The Horsch Sprinter range provides soil preparation, seeding, and fertilisation in one pass. For min-till conditions, the Horsch Sprinter is perfect as it works the soil as little as possible, meaning it is more efficient, and more likely to produce higher yields. The Horsch Sprinter range also offers low maintenance as it bears low or no moving parts for maximum longevity.

Horsch Maestro Precision Seeding

A precise and simple drill, with excellent all-round capabilities and a high-capacity seed wagon.  The Horsch Maestro has very low horsepower requirements and utilises the Horsch AirVac metering device for exact grain singulation.  This flexible planter can be used for maize, sunflowers, sugarbeet, soybeans and OSR with equal success.

Horsch Coulter Technology 

The single disc coulter is versatile, enabling drilling in many conditions, soil types and tillage systems.  The precise depth controls are possible through stable depth control wheels and with coulter pressure up to 350KG drilling can be carried out in difficult conditions and stony ground.  All the SD coulter technology culminates in optimum soil to seed contact for the best possible emergence.

Horsch Crop Protection

In 2011 Horsch and Leeb merged their activities to create one of the leaders in crop care machinery.  Today technology such as the Leeb LT is at the forefront of precision plant protection enabling farmers to spray their crops with accuracy and speed. 

Check our stock of cultivators, and seed drills to find the perfect one for you today. Contact our team for advice on which machinery is suitable for you.

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