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Sumo manufacture innovative and cost-effective farm and agricultural machinery as a UK based company. Specialisms include equipment for seed drilling, cultivation and strip-tillage. 

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More about Sumo farming machinery

Renowned for being durable and strong, Sumo is seen as a market leader in the agricultural machinery market, particularly for its legendary Trio heavy cultivator. The Sumo brand of new and used farm machinery is popular amongst farmers in the UK, with models such as the DTS, an efficient and robust seed drill.

At Amtec we have always stocked a superb collection of used Sumo machinery, from cultivators to Sumo drills. Our quality second-hand machinery is selected by our professional team, meaning you can put your trust in your machinery purchase.

Sumo Trio Cultivator

Where it all began. The Sumo Trio cultivator is renowned as the original and best in heavy-duty primary cultivators; with its extremely strong build quality and unique packer, the Sumo Trio is ready for any situation. Consisting of subsoil legs, heavy scalloped discs and a large, heavy packer the Sumo Trio will break up 'panning', cultivate the topsoil and reconsolidate the soil in one pass. The Trio is available as a mounted or a trailed machine in sizes from 2.5M to 6.5M.

Sumo Versadrill

Built in collaboration with Moore Direct Drills the Versadrill (as the name suggests) is a truly versatile machine, suitable for use in plough based, min-til or direct drilling situations. It can also be used to drill a wide range of crops from beans and maize to small seeds like oilseed and grass.

Sumo Strake

With the rise in direct drilling, the need for high speed, ultra-shallow cultivators arises, this is exactly what the Strake was built for. Ideal for crop residue distribution and slug control the Sumo Strake is used directly after harvest to encourage chitting (weed germination) and to ensure good straw distribution prior to direct drilling.  Zero-till crop establishment is now favoured by many as a less harmful way of farming, being linked to increased soil health and the release of fewer greenhouse gases. 

Sumo farm machinery is at the core of the Amtec stock range, and we work to ensure we have one of the finest ranges available online and for viewing, with the ability to source Sumo machinery upon request as well.  Be sure to check out the full range of seed drills and cultivators to ensure you select the right product for your farm. 

Contact us today if you have any questions regarding our range of Sumo farming equipment, and our professional team can help you to choose the right product for your needs. 


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