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Köckerling is a farm machinery manufacturer with 50 years of experience, best known for its range of reliable farm equipment. AMTEC stocks a range of new and used Kockerling farm equipment for sale, and hire.

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More About Köckerling Farm Machinery

AMTEC’s range of Köckerling farming equipment offers a wide range of tillage, cultivation, seeding, grassland management equipment and other various types of used farm equipment, thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs of farmers, contractors, and other agricultural professionals.

Types of Köckerling Farm Machinery and Equipment


Kockerling's Allrounder’s are a versatile range machines for year-round seedbed and secondary stubble cultivation. It efficiently prepares seedbeds in spring, handles stubble cultivation in autumn, and removes weed seeds in between. With a hydraulic level board for even seedbeds, it offers optimal soil reconsolidation and is suitable for various crops. Known for its fuel efficiency and durability with Hercules tines, the Allrounder is a practical choice for all farming needs.


Kockerling offers a wide range of tillage equipment, from the classic Allrounder to the versatile Quadro, designed to excel in all working conditions. These machines are adaptable to various soil types, ensuring efficient soil preparation, and they stand ready for year-round use, making Köckerling a reliable choice for farmers seeking excellence in cultivation.


Kockerling is renowned for its innovative seeders, featuring a range of machine types tailored to diverse agricultural needs. The Vitu, Jockey, Ultima CS, and Ultima 800/900 seeders exemplify Köckerling's commitment to precision and efficiency in sowing. Whether it's the compact and versatile Vitu, the manoeuvrable Jockey, the cutting-edge technology of the Ultima CS, or the high-performance Ultima 800/900, these seeders exemplify Köckerling's dedication to providing farmers with advanced equipment for successful and sustainable crop cultivation.

Grassland Cultivators

Kockerling's range of grassland cultivators bolster AMTEC’s range of used cultivators. These are robust machinery tailored to diverse soil types and all working conditions, ensuring year-round tillage excellence. Kockerling's Grasmaster series offers robust grassland cultivation equipment designed for all soil types and working conditions, providing year-round tillage solutions.


Kockerling's modules, including the Boxer and Speed Drill, are essential tools for precision farming. The Boxer efficiently carries, meters, mixes, and delivers seeds and fertilizers in combination with various implements. The Speed Drill is perfect for drilling small seeds during soil preparation, offering accurate seed distribution and the ability to change seed rates on the go, ultimately saving time and costs, especially when weather windows are tight.

A Brief History on Köckerling Farming Machinery

Founded in 1955 by brothers Heinrich and Friedrich Köckerling in Northern Germany, Kockerling has emerged as a leading name in agricultural machinery. With a new production facility established in 2018 to meet increasing demand, this family-run operation remains committed to crafting durable, cost-effective machines that enhance customer profitability. From their inception, Kockerling's unwavering focus has been on creating minimum tillage equipment precisely tailored to soil types and tractor capabilities, cementing their reputation as industry innovators dedicated to sustainable farming solutions.

New Köckerling Farm Machinery for Hire

Here at AMTEC we have a selection used equipment from Köckerling. Subject to availability, please call us on +44 (0) 1926 640 637.

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