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Lemken sell a range of agricultural machines like power harrows including the Zirkon power harrow, Juwel plough, Lemken discs, and more, all forming part of AMTEC's used farming machinery range.

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More about Lemken farm machinery

Lemken is a 7th generation family-owned company, based in Germany. With inventions running throughout the generation, plenty of patents and innovations have been made by the company in the following generations. In 1936 the company mover to Alpen to allow them to expand further and let their business grow.

Now the company operates worldwide and is one of the largest in the world, with production sites in Germany, Russia, India, and China. An annual average of 1600 employees means they are busy working on producing new equipment around the clock.

With the capability to produce custom solutions for any farm size, soil type or market, Lemken offers adaptability to help solve your issues. Ensuring they use only the highest quality materials, the best production methods and the most rigorous checks makes their products of the highest quality. Lemken offer a range of new and second-hand farm equipment for any agricultural job.

Fertiliser spreaders, Lemken cultivators, seed drills, harrows, ploughs, packers, and presses are all produced at Lemken. A Lemken plough is a recognisable sight, just like all their machinery, as they come in the characteristic sky blue of Lemken farm machinery. Shop with AMTEC when you're looking for Lemken combination drills for sale or Lemken discs for sale.

Lemken Europal Plough

One of the most popular ploughs available on the secondhand market, the Lemken Europal is a versatile plough with adaptions to suit most soil types. The Europal can also come in a large on land/in-furrow model which is a great machine for the large farmer.

Lemken Smaragd Cultivator

The main objective of stubble cultivation is to mix the crop residue and soil thoroughly; it can also be used to encourage weed germination. On the modern farm large combines with wide headers often there is a large amount of trash after harvest, the Lemken Smaragd has been designed to cope with this. With a strong leg, armed with a wide wing the Smaragd can slice under the topsoil effectively cutting the roots of any rogue growth, and the following discs and roller cut the soil and reconsolidate to leave the soil ready for weathering.     

Lemken Kompaktor Cultivator

The Lemken System-Kompaktor is a versatile implement designed for highspeed seedbed preparation. It leaves level, cultivated soil, uniformly tilled across the entire working width and excellently reconsolidated to ensure water retention. The seedbed is vitally important to the success of the crop, and a passive seedbed combination like the Kompaktor can deliver higher output than a PTO driven machine. Fine, clod free surface soil; well tilled and reconsolidated will guarantee a better emergence across the whole field, the Kompaktor generates the best conditions to achieve this.

Lemken farm machinery is at the core of the AMTEC stock range, and we work to ensure we have one of the finest ranges available online and for viewing, with the ability to source Lemken machinery upon request as well.

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