Used Agricultural Irrigation For Sale in the UK

Irrigation is a crucial process when farming and maintaining your crops. Formally recognised as the process of applying controlled amounts of water, the Agricultural Irrigation machinery is vital. When watering your crops and plants, the Agricultural Irrigation machinery allows a specific amount of water to reach your plants at needed intervals. Irrigation is a great way to not only water your plants in a controlled manner, but also helps to grow agricultural crops, and maintain landscapes. If you are looking for machinery to specifically revegetate disturbed soils in dry areas, the Agricultural Irrigation machinery is an efficient way to do so.

At Amtec, we understand the complexity behind maintaining your crops and landscape. Amtec's premium range in high-quality Agricultural Irrigation machinery. With a comprehensive selection of used agricultural irrigation machinery for sale, we can assure our products ideal for you.

The benefits of Agricultural Irrigation Machinery

Turbocar Reels

The Turbocar reels are leading in the agricultural irrigation sector. What makes these machines stand head and shoulders above the rest is how simple they are to use, their low maintenance costs and their excellent build quality. There is a large range of reels to meet everyone’s needs from a small golf course through to a large arable establishment.


We are able to satisfy every need of the market thanks to power range from 5 up to 800Kw, a wide selection of pumps, and the best engine brands powering them. These robust, compact, powerful machines are simple to use and come with a range of control panels.

Which used agricultural irrigation machinery is best for me?

With such a plethora of options available it's important to get the right advice when the right selecting agricultural irrigation machinery to meet your needs.  The team at Amtec can help you pick the right machine for the huge selection that Idrofoglia offer. We can also discuss your requirements directly with the manufacturing team at Idrofoglia to ensure the machine is manufactured to the correct specification.

Get the right advice

Hundreds of farmers use Amtec to ensure they get exactly what they need for the task ahead. As one of the nation’s leading suppliers to the agricultural industry, with more than 25 years’ experience, we have the knowledge to help you get the best deal. Our 6-Acre site has hundreds of machines in stock. We’re conveniently located in central England.

Our customer-centric approach is at the core of everything we do, ensuring all the farmers that choose us as their equipment partner save time and money while making the best decisions for their needs. Contact us today by calling 01926 640637, sending an email to, or by using the form on our website. Discover the ways we can help - you won’t regret it!

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