Used Rolls For Sale in the UK

Rolls are a vital tool in the farmer's armoury, they can be broken into two basic types:

  • Cambridge Rolls - Normally made with gangs of cast iron rings on a shaft, these rolls are predominantly used as part of the cultivation and drilling process.  They can also have breakers between the rings which help to keep the rings clean and to break down clods of soil and create an even seedbed.
  • Flat Rolls - for use on grass, these solid steel gangs can be water filled to add weight and are used to flatten the grass and improve seed to soil contact after reseeding.

At Amtec we stock a wide range of rolls from the leading brands like Twose, Cousins, He-Va and Vaderstad and cover size range from 6M to mighty sets with widths of 12M and 16M.  Recently we have taken on the UK dealership for Quivogne, a French manufacturer of farm equipment, and we have both standard Cambridge rolls and flat rolls in stock.

Rolls are just part of the selection of new and used farm equipment that Amtec have in stock. 

The benefits of using Rolls in farming

The main use of rolls is following drilling, this is to improve seed to soil contact and improve germination. Rolling after seeding can also help retain the moisture in the ground and make the ground more receptive to water. Rolls can also be used prior to drilling to create a smooth and firm seedbed and to push rocks and other solid objects into the soil. Rolls are an important part of reduced/no-till systems as they can help to control trash and crop residue. Rolls can be fitted with additional accessories such as leading paddles to help knock down clods of soil or harrow tines to help distribute trash before rolling in a no-till system.

Rolls maintenance

The great thing about rolls is they are generally low maintenance, a simple frame and long-lasting bearings on the gangs results in a long-lasting piece of machinery. With regular greasing and care, a set of rolls should give years of service and the hard-wearing cast rings will cover many 1000's of acres before they need replacing.

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