Published by AMTEC on 23rd Feb 2023

The Importance of Field Rollers in Agriculture

Farm rolls are an important piece of farming machinery & a vital tool in any farmer’s tool set. Learn more about the importance of field rollers in agriculture.

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Field rollers are an essential tool for many farmers and agricultural workers in the UK. Farm rolls are used to smooth and flatten out the soil in fields creating an even surface for planting and harvesting crops. In addition to the practical benefits of field rollers, they can also be used for aesthetic purposes. Some farmers use them to create a smooth look, which can add to the overall beauty and appeal of their land.

What is a field roller used for in farming?

One of the main purposes of using a field roller is to break up clumps of soil, removing any small rocks and other forms of debris that get in the way when planting and harvesting. This is done by pushing the rocks and other solid objects further down into the soil. By creating a more level and uniform surface, farm field rollers help to ensure crops are planted and harvested in a consistent manner. This is an important factor as it can ultimately lead to higher yields and better-quality produce.

Field rolls are commonly used following drilling, this is to improve soil contact and germination. Rolling after seeding can also help retain the moisture in the ground, making it more receptive to water. Field rollers can also be used prior to drilling to create a smooth and firm seedbed.

Additional accessories for field rollers

Rolls are an important part of reduced/no-till systems as they can help to control trash and crop residue. Field rollers can be fitted with additional accessories such as leading paddles to help knock down clods of soil. They can also be fitted with harrow tines to help distribute trash before rolling in a no-till system.

The benefits of using farm rolls

Improved compaction of soil

Farm field rollers can help improve the compaction of soil, this can be especially beneficial for newly seeded fields and surfaces. This will help the seeds establish more quickly and overall, more effectively.

Enhanced water retention

A smoother field surface helps to improve water retention, reducing the amount of water that is lost through runoff and evaporation. Helping retain the amount of moisture in the ground, makes the field more receptive to water going forward.

Improved soil to seed contact

As recommended, using a field roller after planting or seeding will help to create better soil to seed contact. This is known to improve germination rates and the overall success of the crops.

Time and labour savings

By using a field roller, you reduce the need for manual levelling and smoothing of the field surface, which in turn can save you time and money from labour costs.

What are the two basic types of farm rolls?

There are two basic types of field rollers used in farming. Choosing the right type of roller will depend on multiple factors from the size of your fields, the type of crops you are planting and your individual preferences and needs.

Cambridge rolls

Normally made with gangs of cast iron rings on a shaft, Cambridge rollers are predominantly used as part of the cultivation and drilling process. They can also have breakers between the rings which help to keep the rings clean and to break down clods of soil and create an even seedbed. Cambridge rolls can also be used for sowing, which increases uniformity of seed emergence, subsequently improving the growth rate of vegetation.

Flat rolls

Flat rolls are for use on grass, these solid steel gangs can be water filled to add weight and are used to flatten the grass and improve seed to soil contact after reseeding. A flat roller is recommended for larger machine tools such as horizontal milling machines and cylindrical grinding machines. Flat rolls are also most effective when used on fields requiring high accuracy.

Farm rolls maintenance

The great thing about farm rolls is they are generally low maintenance, a simple frame, and stable bearings on the gangs’ results in a long-lasting piece of machinery. We recommend inspecting the bearings every so often to ensure they are properly lubricated and in good condition, if you notice any signs of wear or damage it might be time to replace them. With regular greasing and care, a set of rolls should give years of service and the hard-wearing cast rings will cover many 1000's of acres before they need replacing. As usual for most pieces of farm machinery, store your field roller in a dry covered area to prevent rust and any damage from exposure to the elements.

Why use a field roller?

Overall, field rollers are a valuable tool for any farmer looking to improve the quality and productivity of their fields. They create a more even surface, perfect for planting and harvesting, and even help to maintain the overall health of the soil. Farm rolls are an important part of any successful agricultural operation.

Where can I buy used farm rollers in the UK?

As one of the nation’s leading suppliers of used farm machinery and equipment, we offer a wide range of used farm rolls, including a variety of models from popular brands, such as Cousins, Opico, He-Va, Dablbo and more. Recently we have taken on the UK dealership for Quivogne, a French manufacturer of farm equipment, and we have both standard Cambridge rolls and flat rolls in stock. With more than 25 years’ experience, we have the knowledge to help you get the best deal. Our 6-Acre site has hundreds of machines in stock. We’re conveniently located in central England.

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