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Moore Uni-Drill are a British manufacturer of farm machinery and equipment, based in Bourne. Making drills for farms & arable land, Moore Farming Equipment have been producing machinery since 1974, becoming one of the leading seed drill brands AMTEC stocks. 

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Moore Unidrill is a family owned manufacturer of agricultural seeding equipment, who work closely with their customers, implementing new seed drill designs based on your feedback, Moore Drills have continued to expand their product line to meet the needs of farmers around the UK, that they service. 

The Moore direct drill is a best seller at AMTEC, and popular with our customers. When it comes to finding a reliable, solid, and hard-wearing drill, a Moore Direct Drill is the perfect choice. This powerhouse of a machine is designed to handle whatever challenges you throw at it, making it the ideal choice for all your farming and agricultural needs.

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At AMTEC, we offer a wide selection of used Moore direct drills for sale, and with our professional team approving every piece of used farm machinery that we sell. This process ensures that every piece of used agricultural machinery we sell meets the highest standards of quality and performance. With Moore drills, you can trust that you're investing in a piece of equipment that will stand the test of time. Whether you’re just starting out in direct drilling and need some flexibility, or you run a fully fledged regenerative system the Moore drill and help establish your crop.

Designed with durability and efficiency in mind, the Moore drill will minimize labour costs and maximising productivity on your farm. Its sturdy construction and cutting-edge technology make it a go-to choice for farmers who demand nothing but the best.

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Hundreds of farmers use AMTEC to ensure they get exactly what they need for the task ahead. As one of the nation’s leading suppliers to the agricultural industry, with more than 25 years’ experience, we have the knowledge to help you get the best deal on all your Moore farm equipment needs. Our 9-Acre site has a wide range of second-hand farming machinery and brands in stock. We’re conveniently located in central England.

Our customer-centric approach is at the core of everything we do, ensuring all the farmers that choose us as their equipment partner save time and money while making the best decisions for their needs. Contact us today by calling 01926 640637, sending an email to [email protected], or by using the form on our website. Discover the ways we can help - you won’t regret it!

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