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At AMTEC we have a wide range of used Claydon drills and farm machinery available, including seed drills, cultivators and presses. Our second-hand farming equipment is trusted by farmers around the world.

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More About Claydon Seed Drills, Straw Harrows and Rolls

In the world of modern agriculture, Claydon stands as a renowned and innovative company, offering a diverse range of drills and cultivation equipment designed to revolutionise farming practices. From the versatile Claydon Hybrid Seed Drills to the efficient light rotary cultivation method of the TerraStar, and the effective weed and slug control of the Straw Harrow, each piece of equipment plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of farming, promoting both agricultural productivity and environmental stewardship.

Claydon Hybrid Seed Drills

  • Minimal Soil Disturbance: Claydon Hybrid Seed Drills are known for being able to seed straight into stubble, thus promoting a streamlined and arguably a greener way of drilling, which is achieved through a single-pass planting system that only disturbs a narrow strip of soil where the seeds are placed. This reduces the disruption of soil structure and beneficial soil organisms.
  • Versatility: These drills are versatile and can be used for a wide range of crops, including cereals, oilseeds, and cover crops. Farmers can adjust the drill settings to suit their specific crop and field conditions.
  • Cost-Effective: By minimising the number of passes required in the field, Claydon Hybrid Seed Drills can be more cost-effective and can help reduce fuel consumption and labour costs.
  • Direct Drills: This machine creates narrow strips or bands in the field where seeds are planted, leaving the surrounding soil undisturbed. This practice can conserve moisture, reduce erosion, and promote soil health.
  • Precision Planting: Offering precision planting within the strips, which can lead to better crop establishment, improved root development, and potentially higher yields.

Claydon Straw Harrow

  • Complementary Tool: The Claydon Straw Harrow is often used in combination with Claydon Hybrid Seed Drills. It plays a crucial role in preparing the seedbed by spreading straw residue evenly and breaking up soil clods.
  • Enhanced Seed-to-Soil Contact: By achieving a more uniform distribution of straw and clod breakup, the Straw Harrow helps improve seed-to-soil contact, promoting better germination and crop establishment.

Claydon TerraStar

  • The Claydon TerraStar Cultivator is a light agricultural cultivator designed to create a shallow tilth to encourage weeds to chit and germination of volunteers, using the Terrastar can help control slugs and reduce the reliance on Glyphosate. The Terrastar, as with the Straw Harrow creates only to shallowest tilth, leaving the soil profile intact.

Claydon Rolls:

  • Soil Consolidation: Claydon Rolls are used after drilling to consolidate the soil. They press the soil gently to create a firm and level seedbed, which helps ensure uniform seed germination and crop emergence.
  • Seedbed Preparation: Properly prepared seedbeds are essential for crop success, and Claydon Rolls contribute to achieving this by eliminating uneven soil surfaces and air gaps.

The History of Claydon Agricultural Machinery

Claydon Farm Machinery is a family-owned business known for manufacturing a range of reliable drills, rakes and more. Led by the Claydon family for generations, the company has farmed the clay soils of Suffolk since the early 1900s. the current heads of the business, Jeff and Frank Claydon, have been actively involved in farming since 1970, representing the third generation of their family dedicated to this noble profession, under the E.T. Claydon & Sons partnership.

The company was started in 1980 with the invention of the Yield-O-Meter by Jeff Claydon, a device designed to be attached to combines to help provide farmers with data on their yields, work time and harvests that they had never before had access to. Invented out of necessity in 2003, due to farming wheat becoming unviable, the V-Drill helped to reduce the cost and time taken to establish crops on the farm. Consequently, Jeff has been at the forefront of innovation for the company, releasing several new machines to add to their impressive product range.

Jeff's visionary approach has transformed Claydon into a highly successful global enterprise, dealing in over 30 countries. All of Claydon's products are developed and tested on the family farm, earning the trust of farmers worldwide. Notably, Claydon's seed drill systems are adaptable to various soil types and a wide range of crop varieties, making them an indispensable choice for farmers across the globe.

Claydon Hybrid Direct Drills

Claydon’s range of seed drills are available in many different configurations and offer the opportunity for direct drilling into stubble, min-till, or ploughed land. Creating ideal seeding and rooting zones in many different soil types, and available for all different types of seed planting. The front tine of the hybrid soil drill systems makes them usable in all conditions, from dry sandy soils to wet clay ones. The system also only moves the soil it needs to, leaving stubble or other covers in the zones between the seeding slots. There are also minimal disturbance options available to increase the soil health benefits even further.

Our wide range of used direct drills from Claydon can help your farm to boost efficiency, whilst direct drilling is also beneficial to the environment compared to traditional techniques. Browse our stock of seed drills today to find the ideal agricultural equipment for you.

Claydon Straw Harrows

Claydon’s range of straw harrows is an excellent way to reduce crop damage and make an excellent addition to any collection of working agricultural machinery. Capable of producing a micro-tilth in the top 30mm of soil, they are excellent for germinating weeds in preparation for destroying them. Capable of working at high speeds, the harrows destroy straw and weeds which act as food for slugs, breaking up their nests and eggs. The options for Claydon straw harrows set-up and configuration are either mounted or trailed and are also available in a variety of sizes. 

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