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Twose machinery are British manufacturers of agricultural equipment, producing rolls and cultivators for the market. Based in Devon, Twose have been making agricultural machinery for British farmers for over 180 years. 

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More about Twose farm machinery

Twose farm machinery, a leading manufacturer in the industry, are experts in designing and producing cutting-edge agricultural equipment that empowers farmers around the globe. Delivering products based on invention and practicality, Twose are famous for their hedge and field machinery, providing power and precision across their range of cutters, Twose Cambridge rolls and presses

The History of Twose Farm Machinery

Twose, previously known as Twose of Tiverton, was established in 1830 in Halberton, Devon, located merely 3 miles away from their current head office. Initially establishing itself as a small blacksmith, Twose specialised in producing a limited range of horse-drawn agricultural products. For more than 180 years, Twose has remained committed to crafting high-performance agricultural and green maintenance equipment for farmers worldwide. In 2016, the company joined forces with McConnel Ltd, preserving their heritage while expanding their agricultural equipment range.

Range of Twose Machinery

  • Cultivation Equipment: Twose offers a wide range of cultivation equipment, including ploughs, cultivators, and subsoilers, designed to suit various soil types and cropping systems.
  • Cambridge Rolls and Land Rollers: Twose Cambridge rolls and land rollers are essential tools for preparing the soil after ploughing. With various widths and configurations available, Twose rollers enable farmers to improve their soil preparation process, leading to better crop establishment and higher yields.
  • Grass Harrows and Toppers: Twose grass harrows and toppers are purpose-built tools for preserving grassland areas. These innovative machines work by aerating the grass, facilitating water access to the roots, promoting better drainage, and strengthen worn-out fields.
  • Hedge Cutters: Twose hedge cutters are engineered with versatile reach and precision cutting capabilities, these machines help farmers achieve neat and tidy hedges and boundaries, enhancing the overall look of the farm while ensuring efficient land use.
  • Power Harrows: Twose power harrows are an indispensable tool for soil cultivation and seedbed preparation. With adjustable settings and smooth operation, farmers can achieve the best results possible while reducing labour and time.
  • Rakes and Tedders: Twose rakes and tedders help farmers efficiently gather, spread, and dry freshly cut forage to produce high-quality hay. By promoting faster drying times, Twose rakes and tedders ensure that farmers can harvest and store nutritious feed for their livestock effectively.
  • Transport boxes: Twose transport boxes are practical solutions for moving materials and equipment around the farm. From carrying harvested crops, feed, or tools, these sturdy transport boxes ensure efficient transportation, saving farmers time and effort in the process.

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