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At AMTEC we have a wide range of used Amazone farming machinery for sale. With over 25 years of experience, we have the knowledge to help you source used Amazone agricultural farm equipment.

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More about Amazone Farm Machinery

Medium-sized family-owned company Amazone was founded in 1883 and is currently being overseen by the 4th generation of the Dreyer family. Based in Germany and winning over 25 medals in the last eight Agrictechnica exhibitions, Amazone farm machinery and equipment leads the market for innovation. With a dedication to a high level of technical support and customer service, Amazone strives to ensure that customers get the very best from their machinery.

The agricultural machinery company not only sell to medium-sized farms but also now to large estates and contractors. With their state-of-the-art Amazone farm machinery ranging from crop protection to cultivation tools; seeding to fertilisation, their range of farming equipment is vast. Amazone sprayers come either mounted, trailed or self-propelled, similarly, the spreaders are available mounted or trailed.

The Amazone Catros is a disc harrow perfect for shallow tillage, and the Amazone Cenius is a stubble cultivator providing heavy-duty topsoil loosening. 

Some of their machinery available for estates comes in the smaller form of their ground care equipment – including the Profihopper. Suitable for mowing, scarifying, mulching or collecting dead leaves, horse droppings or other debris, the Profihopper is versatile and a great addition to any groundskeeper’s arsenal.

Furthermore, Amazone, as part of their excellent customer service approach offer unique fertiliser advisory services about all kinds of fertilisers, even unknown ones. Amazone offer a variety of farm machinery including power harrows and are a family run business that’s happy to compete with the bigger corporations.

Amazone Cayena Seed Drill

A pneumatic seed drill designed for fast and accurate planting without prior tillage.  The Cayena comes in two models, the grain only version with a 3,600 ltr hopper, and the Cayena-C with a 4,000 ltr twin hopper for grain and fertilizer applications. The narrow TineTeC coulter means the drill does not take much pulling and the good clearance enables the drill to keep working in challenging conditions.

We currently have in stock a great example of the Amazone Cayena Seed Drill. Check it out, or browse our other Amazone farm machinery.

Amazone Combination Drill

Amazone farm machinery includes the impressive combination drill, which can be used to help speed up your establishment time and improve your yields. The combination drill will provide seeding without the need for destructive traditional ploughing techniques.

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