Used MCCONNEL for sale in the UK

McConnel is an agricultural machinery brand known for their production of cultivatorsdrills, and the famous McConnel hedge cutters

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Used MCCONNEL For Sale in the UK

McConnel is a leading brand of farm machinery, most renowned for the production of hedge cutters. The business was revolutionised in 1948, when the McConnel company was sold the designs and rights to manufacture the first tractor mounted hedge cutter, which put them on the map as a top agricultural and farm machinery manufacturer. The McConnel hedge cutter helped to kickstart their progress towards becoming a top agricultural machinery brand in the UK, and began their production of the grassland product range.

Now, having diversified their farm equipment manufacturing, McConnel is known for many different machines that they make. Two of the most popular are the McConnel Discaerator , a stubble disc cultivator, and the McConnel Tillaerator cultivator. Still manufacturing their agricultural machinery in Ludlow, England, McConnel are a Great British farming company. 

Browse AMTEC's range of McConnel machinery, part of a wide range of new and used farm machinery,  to find your next farming solution. As part of our range, the McConnel Shakerator is always popular, putting the famous machine in your farm machinery lineup and helping to improve your crop establishment. All AMTEC used farm machinery is checked by our team of experts, so you know it can be trusted to get the job done. 


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