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At Amtec we have a wide range of used CLAYDON farm machinery, not just the Hybrid range, we also stock Rakes, Rolls and more. Our second-hand agricultural equipment is sourced directly by our team and trusted by farmers around the world.


Claydon’s range of hybrid direct seed drills are available in many different configurations and offer the opportunity for direct drilling into stubble, min-till, or ploughed land. The Claydon seed drills create ideal seeding and rooting zones in many different soil types, and are available for all different types of seed planting. The front tine of the hybrid soil drill systems makes them usable in all conditions, from dry sandy soils to wet clay ones. The system also only moves the soil it needs to, leaving stubble or other covers in the zones between the seeding slots. There are also minimal disturbance options available to increase the soil health benefits even further.

Our wide range of used direct drills from Claydon can help your farm to boost efficiency, whilst direct drilling is also beneficial to the environment compared to traditional techniques. Browse our stock of seed drills today to find the ideal agricultural equipment for you.

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