Published by AMTEC on 13th Nov 2023


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LOCATION: Squab Hall Farm, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

CUSTOMER: Squab Farming Ltd.

SERVICE: Hire - Direct drill

1 minute read | 13 November 2023 

Customer Profile

Martin Downes is the farm manager at Squab Hall Farm in Leamington Spa and oversees 700-acres of arable land that grows cereals on a crop rotation.

Usually, their own drill suits them perfectly but with heavy rain forecasted sooner than expected and 700 acres to drill, Martin called upon AMTEC to hire a drill to cover the land quickly. Considering Martin’s requirements and the farm’s soil type and terrain, we supplied for hire Dale Eco 9m direct drill.

The Challenge

  • Short time frame to deliver.
  • Supplying a wide seeder suitable to drill directly into uncultivated strong clay loams.

The Results

  • 700 acres drilled in 4 days — 250 acres of which was drilled in 1 day.
  • Drilled direct into stubble and cultivated ground, both of which have emerged perfectly.
  • The drill kept a perfectly even drilling depth resulting in excellent efficacy of the pre-em chemical control for black grass.


" I would highly recommend Charlton and the team [at AMTEC] for any hire or purchase decisions you may have. Thanks again for all your help and I look forward to future dealings."

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