At AMTEC we have a wide range of used VÄDERSTAD farm machinery, not just the RAPID range, stocking various machines such as Carriers, Rexius Twins, TopDowns, and more. Our second-hand agricultural equipment is sourced directly by our team and trusted by farmers around the world.


The Väderstad Rapid cultivation seed drill is the flagship machine of Väderstad farm machinery. The Rapid system has revolutionised arable planting since the 1980s and continues to evolve to lead the way today. As the name suggests, the Väderstad Rapid is a single-pass machine. Therefore, it can be used to drill directly into stubble to achieve a low-till operation, or used after heavier cultivation, such as ploughing.

Key Features of the Väderstad Rapid Drill

  • Precision: The Väderstad Rapid cultivation seed drill offers optimal seed placement, penetrating the soil with high coulter pressure.
  • Impressive results: Seed preparation, levelling, drilling, and consolidation is carried out in a single pass.
  • Cultivating ability: The X-disc is an elegant solution to ensure the drill always follows in a straight path behind the tractor. This allows the drill to be pulled at higher speeds and prevents deviation from the intended route over undulating land.

Tailored Solutions for Every Farm

Väderstad 3m, 4m, 6m, and 8m Rapids are the most popular cultivation seed drills that caters for small to large scale production farms. Explore the versatility of Väderstad machinery, designed to adapt to various soil types and farming practices.

Rapid 300-400: Proven Reliability

The Väderstad Rapid 300-400 comes in two options: seed only (S) or a grain and fertiliser combination (C). Both are widely available in the second-hand market, yet the seed only version is vastly more popular in the UK market. Renowned for its reliability in all conditions, its capability in managing a variety of seeds, and complete with a fully accessible design, it's no wonder that the Rapid consistently remains a firm favourite amongst farmers.

Rapid 400-800: Built for the Future of Farming

The future of farming requires a modern control system that can keep up with the latest advancements in technology, and a driver who is able to instantly adapt to changes in soil type and depth. The Rapid 400-800 is equipped to deal with all this right from the cab to ensure optimal seeding.

Rapid 600-800: Unrivalled Capability

The Väderstad Rapid 600-800 has an extremely high drilling and hopper capacity, making it very efficient when it comes to seed drilling for high output rates. The winning combination of high-speed precision drilling and the easy manoeuvrability of such a large machine means you’re getting maximum usage of the field’s surface area with great results delivered every time.

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