Published by AMTEC on 19th Jul 2021

Vaderstad Carrier Vs. Simba X-press

Short discs are becomingever more popular, this is a comparison of two of the original and best.

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Vaderstad Carrier Vs Simba X-press

Vaderstad Carrier

It is a unique agricultural implement equipped with a wide range of abilities. Straw harrowing, stubble cultivation, preparation of seedbed, reconsolidation, and furrow levelling are the primary choices. Apart from these, the multi-functional Carrier undertakes several other functions too. It is a quality farm cultivator having the capability to manage soil tillage comfortably and cost-effectively.  


Reasonable, cost-effective cultivation

With a Väderstad Carrier, owners and users of Carrier can look forward to logical and reasonable cropping. This remarkable equipment has brought over a revolution in their cropping, having an immense capability to undertake soil tillage more economically and faster. It helps in considerably reducing the amount of time on the farm resulting in reduced tillage costs. Thus, it helps in rationalized production of costs. 


Faster drying

By using Carrier for shallow cultivation rather than ploughing, farmers and equipment owners can avail themselves numerous biological benefits. Minimum cultivation enhances the humidity level in the upper layer of the soil as the dusty ground cannot settle over quickly after rainfall. 


The result is that seedlings can germinate quickly due to the layer made on the soil's surface. Reducing your deep cultivation results in bigger pores and increased worm activity in the soil. So, after a couple of years, the farmers can look forward to less stagnant water in the farms. 


An Agricultural Implement for the future

Do you know what makes Carrier a top choice for farmers and contractors? It makes cropping reasonable and cost-effective and has a long-term effect of improving conditions for soil cultivation. Thus, it not only saves time but also enhances the fertility of the soil. No wonder more and more farmers are choosing Carrier as their go-to short disc machine. With numerous biological and economic benefits, this is, undoubtedly, equipment for the future. 

The Simba X-Press

It is a multitalented agriculture implement meant for revolutionizing shallow cultivation. It is a perfect choice for stubble cultivation, even in a reduced tillage system. Packed with the latest innovations, it has all the features to make a dynamic, efficient, and systematic unit with unparalleled dependability. 


Its stability is the key to most of its operations, and it is designed to ensure that its consolidation does not get affected. A range of additions in its specifications makes this one of the most popular minimum tillage machines on the market. 

The introduction of the latest rear rollers has significantly decreased the machine's weight as the weight is not transferred onto the discs due to the angling of the disc gangs. 


Efficiency and innovation

So, get ready to experience the advantages of this machine's terrific design and excellent components, all packed in the impressive implement at an unbelievable price. 


The best thing is that it can function efficiently even in high surface trash levels due to its huge inbuilt clearance. It is made for operating at 8-12kph. It can maintain its desired depth at the optimum forward, thanks to its 600 kg per metre in-built weight. 


A uniform consolidation is extended across the entire machine width by the DD Light roller, thus providing an excellent finish due to the DD spacing of 150mm. 


In conclusion

We say that both these machines have their respective set of benefits and features. It is up to agriculture cultivators to see which suits their unique requirements. In conclusion, AMTEC champions both Simba and Väderstad drills, cultivators and farm machinery for its reliability and productivity. 


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