Published by AMTEC on 08th Jan 2019


4.6M Cultipress at Hall Farm

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LOCATION: Hall Farm, Orgreave, South Yorkshire

CUSTOMER: Roger Hill

SERVICE: Aftersales – Simba Cultipress 4.6m

2 minute read | 08 January 2019

Our commitment to honesty, trustworthiness, and care, are why many of our customers choose AMTEC to be their second-hand farm machinery supplier. One of the ways we standby these characteristics derives from “our word is our bond” ethos; if a machine does not arrive as we described it to be, we will endeavour to rectify the issues with minimal disturbance to operations.

Customer Profile

Roger Hall is a 3rd generation farmer based in South Yorkshire that grows grain and potato crops. With his 7-year-old son showing great enthusiasm to learn the family trade, together, father and son, research and compare their next machine investment, which led them to AMTEC.



  • The rich mudstone and sandstone soil type, combined with quintessential English autumn weather, require a heavy-duty cultivator to break up the soil.
  • Being a second-hand machine, not all problems are clear during its time in our workshop. In this instance, an issue arose with a hydraulic hose fitting sometime after the machine had been put to work. 



  • Our inhouse mechanic was able to provide a temporary solution over the phone, circumventing the need to cease cultivating.
  • In agreement with Roger, we permanently rectified the issue once the machine was no longer in constant use.
  • Overall, the cultivator did an excellent job in creating a good firm filth in the sandy loams, readying the soil to be drilled.



“The product was right for us, as was the price and the service we have had from AMTEC has been excellent, I would recommend them to anyone.”

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