Published by AMTEC on 14th Jan 2019


A Dowdeswell Plough on hire from Ellis Machinery

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HIRE: Dowdeswell DP145 plough

LOCATION: Forsyth Farmwork Ltd, Warwickshire

2 minute read | 14th January 2019

Customer Profile

Forsyth Farmwork is a family-owned arable contract farming business based in Warwickshire, offering a range of agricultural services to farmers and landowners in the region.

The Challenge

Effective weed control and crop rotation are essential for arable farmers to ensure maximum yields. Weeds compete with crops for vital resources, depriving them of nutrients, while monocropping depletes the organic matter in soil. Implementing a strategy that addresses both issues simultaneously is crucial for smart farming, and ploughing has proven to be an effective solution.

Advantages of Hire

Forsyth Farmwork opted hireDowdeswell DP145 reversible five furrow plough, known for its robust performance to bury the trash and inverse the soil effectively. Check out the plough’s performance in the video below!

Hiring new and used farm machinery is becoming increasingly popular among farmers, estate managers, and farm contractors. Access to seasonal machines when needed saves space, time, and money. For Forsyth Farmwork, hiring the plough was a cost-effective and efficient solution.

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