Published by AMTEC on 07th Jul 2021


Staying in control of your irrigation is vital to get the most from the water resources available.

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Approximately 70 per cent of global freshwater consumption is used in the agricultural sector, yet water use efficiency in many countries is below 50 per cent. Global freshwater is becoming increasingly scarce due to improper management, indiscriminate use and a changing climate. Water scarcity and quality problems in many parts of the world are serious challenges to future food security and environmental sustainability.

Addressing these issues requires improved management of land and water. It is essential to ensure water management practices that support the intensification of crop production and the preservation of natural resources. Water management should include optimizing irrigation scheduling and more efficient irrigation systems, such as drip irrigation, booms, and proper system control. Soil fertility needs to be improved to ensure that crop growth is not limited by nutrient or physical constraints and every drop of water can be fully utilized for development. Efficient water uptake by crops can be achieved through demand-based irrigation, which considers different crop’s water needs, growth stages and the prevailing environmental conditions.

Idrofoglia irrigation systems from AMTEC are of a high quality to prevent damage and leaks; they include the latest technology to ensure that you fully control the operation from beginning to end. Keeping your equipment up-to-date and adequately cared for can save costly damages and wasted water.

Our equipment comes with the ID4 control app, enabling you to control the hose reels and pumps remotely. This simple to use app allows you to start and stop the machine, check the water pressure and schedule irrigation. It will enable a high standard of precise work, giving you an excellent finished job.

Staying in control of your irrigation is vital to get the most from the water resources available. Please speak to our irrigation experts today to discuss the optimum irrigation plans for your land.


IrriMop is a control system operated from your smartphone, designed specifically for the management and control of irrigation hose reels and sprinklers.

The system has been developed with the user in mind and is straightforward to use. Guided menus take the user step-by-step through every part of the job, and the parameters are visual and easy to understand.

With IrriMop, you have complete control over all work parameters, and the operator can adjust any of these during the running of the machine.  IrriMop has 16 programs, and this means 16 windings, each divisible up to 8 ranges; this offers the operator precise control of the irrigation at all phases of the winding.

IrriMop has been designed for simple and effective use and combined with IdroMop; it offers you complete management of your irrigation system from the comfort of your cab!


• Monitor your irrigation through the App, offering your control through remote smartphone control.

• Monitor the speed via a sensor installed directly on the reel so you can control the increase or reduction of impulses.

• Water pressure monitoring from a minimum pressure switch

• The rewind of the hose reel can be set at a tolerance of 0.1mt/h

• Timing set up to 48 hours

• The parameters are automatically recalculated on pipe length. Pipe length is settable to 2km

• Automatic recalculation of work parameters as RE-ENTRY SPEED - PIPE LENGTH - ARRIVAL TIMES

• Control of the check by-pass valve, the input valve and the exhaust valve.

• Auxiliary water spout check.

• 16 programs, each divisible up to 8 ranges, setting RE-ENTRY SPEED - PIPE LENGTH - ARRIVAL TIMES.

• Running hour count and recurring maintenance.

IdroMOP Controls

IdroMOP is an electronic control unit developed to manage motor pumps it connects with a mobile app and offers complete pump control from your mobile device. The system has been developed with the user in mind and is straightforward to use and offers complete work management by controlling and setting every single part of the job. IdroMOP allows starting and stopping the engine, checks during the running and complete control of the work parameters. This control unit will enable you a precise and high-quality work; enabling you to reach excellent results the easy way. The single-knob control offers a simple setup and control.

IdroMOP works in manual and automatic operational modes. You can assign a numerical code for each motor pump, allowing you to manage all your motor pumps through one device. IdroMOP ID4 offers remote control of the water pressure, duration and engine monitoring through a remote control app developed by IdroMOP. IdroMOP also integrates with IrriMOP for complete control of your whole irrigation system.

• Manual / automatic functioning.

• Automatic adjustment of the water pressure with the possibility to exclude the security control system.

• Engine Protection complete: oil pressure, engine temperature, belt broken, reserve fuel, coolant level, dry running, engine overspeed condition, high water pressure.

• Check positive and negative tolerance of the working point, with self-learning of the water pressure.

• START / STOP irrigation from remote contact.

• Phase Management of heating and cooling the engine.

• Operating hours counter-notice and periodic maintenance.

• Control Electronic engines through CAN BUS.

• Ideal for frost protection plants, fruit and vegetable crops, nurseries, large plots of land where it is required the presence of various irrigators.

• Managing vertical pumps installations of relaunching the working pressure, industrial applications and anything else.

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