Mzuri Strip Tillage

Conservation and strip tillage is growing in popularity with many farmers as a way to reduce costs and improve profit margins. Mzuri has dedicated its business to producing strip drills, low disturbance subsoilers and other conservation tillage machinery that can not only help your profits but also improve your soil health and ensure a sustainable farming future.

The Mzuri Strip-Tillage System can quickly improve soil conditions and crop health while reducing overreliance in chemicals and intensive cultivation techniques without compromising your yields.

Strip Tillage

Strip tillage is the tillage of only a targeted area of the soil whilst leaving crop residue, retaining moisture, and improving organic soil health. The Mzuri Pro-Till carries out multiple operations: seedbed preparation, fertilising, drilling and reconsolidation in just one pass, and all of this just in the area you need it. 

Mzuri direct drills also promote the use of previous crop residue, which provides food for the soils ecosystem, adding organic matter back into the soil to break down as nutrients. This is the most effective use of straw by far, using the residue to improve soil structure and fertility. With this in mind, the Mzuri strip drill has been designed to cope with large quantities of trash and is capable of drilling directly into all types of crop residue with little or no prior cultivation.

In addition, the Mzuri is capable of drilling in a choice of narrow or wide row spacings which makes it highly versatile and compatible for work with a broad range of crops.

The Benefits

  • Long stubble helps to protect the soil from erosion 
  • Leaving chopped crop residue on the surface of the soil provides a barrier against evaporation and encourages work activity
  • Undisturbed soil is essential for improved capillary action and quick germination 
  • The untilled soil around the roots is rich in nutrients, oxygen and water which is instantly available promoting quick and healthy root development.
  • The tilled strip ensures good soil to seed contact, providing the ideal environment for the seed to germinate quickly.

The Range

Mzuri has a complete range of machinery for conservation and strip tillage:

  • The Pro-Til - The original Mzuri strip drill, still leading the way in direct drilling and suitable for almost any crop type
  • The Rezult - A straw rake of exacting standards, ideal for black grass and slug control
  • The Rehab - A low disturbance subsoiler which removes deep compaction without disturbing the surface of the soil.


Mzuri Pro-Til | Amtec
Mzuri Pro-Til

The orginal Mzuri direct drill a market leader in strip-til technology - find out what makes it so good...

Mzuri Rezult | Amtec
Mzuri Rezult

The Mzuri Rezult straw harrow - an ideal tool to combat black grass and slugs.

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Mzuri Rehab | Amtec
Mzuri Rehab

The Mzuri Rehab - a low disturbance subsoiler that stands head and shoulders above the rest!

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Mzuri strip-tillage equipment is designed and built in the UK by Martin Lole and his team at Springhill Farm. With over 35 years experience in farming and 178 hectare arable trial farm Mzuri has been able to quickly develop some of the leading conservation and strip tillage machinery which is now used all over the world. The range is constantly expanding and developing to ensure that you receive machinery at the cutting edge of technology and ability.

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