Published by AMTEC on 04th Feb 2019


A Dowdeswell DP170 in action on a local farm

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The Challenge

David Jones, a Warwickshire farmer, needed to inverse the soil following on from a successful harvest. With acres ahead of him, it was decided that now was a good time to upgrade to a larger furrow plough without depleting the newly acquired capital. As a long-standing customer of AMTEC, Jones knew that our used machinery would be up for the task and reached out to us for a solution.


We considered several brands of ploughs we typically stock: Kverneland, Lemken, Kuhn, and Dowdeswell. To determine the best option, we took into account the following key considerations:

  • Number of furrows. Ensuring the correct number of furrows to maximise field coverage without being inefficient in the boarders.
  • Tractor compatibility. Ensuring the plough was robust enough for a modern tractor, or in this case a Case Quadtrac.
  • Quadtrac compatibility. Having a tracked tractor means you ideally need a mounted plough for it to work efficiently on land.

The Dowdeswell DP170 9-furrow mounted plough emerged as the ideal choice for this situation. It being mounted was a key feature to tip the scale in its favour as few manufactures take this route with larger furrow ploughs. Mounted means there is no loss of performance or restriction on the capabilities of the Quadtrac. Moreover, the DP170 is reversible, has a stronger yet lighter frame compared to earlier models, boasts excellent and durable mouldboards, and can operate on land and in furrow. It is widely regarded as a “good simple plough” by many on farming forums due to its ease of maintenance and robust construction.

As you’ll see in the video, the plough performed exceptionally well in the sandy clay loam, precisely burying the trash.

For your own successful ploughing experience, be sure to read our ploughing guide and ensure your basic tractor and plough settings are correct too to get a good head start.

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