Published by AMTEC on 07th Jul 2021

The AMTEC Story

Since Ellis Machinery rebranded as AMTEC Smart Farming Solutions in June we have been often asked why?

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The AMTEC Story

AMTEC is a progression. We are taking all that we’ve accumulated with Ellis Machinery - the reputation, the knowledge and the expertise - and stretching further.

AMTEC is a movement forward to incorporate new services and markets and to build a strong global brand synonymous with agricultural machinery.

The new brand will be taking forward all that has been achieved at Ellis Machinery and will be increasing the services and offering to farmers worldwide.

This might sound like a lot of change, but one thing won’t change: AMTEC will remain a trustworthy source of machinery and continue to deliver impeccable customer service.


AMTEC stands for Agricultural Machinery and Technology


The strong bold text is representative of the strength of the evolving brand.

The arrows to the left are to show the way that AMTEC works both ways with the farmer in both buying from them and selling to them.

The new logo is underpinned by the old brand name; thus assuring our customers that they can expect the same level of service that they have always experienced with Ellis Machinery.


From humble beginnings reconditioning Dowdeswell ploughs in the farm barn to the UK’s leading used farm machinery experts; the last 30 years have been an exciting ride!

Below we’ve mapped out the major milestones in the journey which have led from buying and selling a few machines to AMTEC; offering smart farming solutions to suit the needs of the modern-day farmer.

The Ellis family have been farming at Gaydon farm for well over 100 years now. As a mixed farm with arable crops and livestock, they had significant experience in various types of machinery and cultivation methods. Over 30 years ago they bought a Dowdeswell DP7 plough to recondition during the winter months. After a successful sale, they began to trade in reconditioned Dowdeswell ploughs as an additional income to the farm. Steadily over the years, the machinery business outgrew the farming business, and extra yard and building space was needed.

In 2009 new purpose-built workshops and offices were built on land next to the original farm buildings and a 6-acre yard was laid out for machinery storage. Ellis Machinery was no longer just a specialist in reconditioned ploughs, but now had the team and resources to successfully buy, sell and repair a whole range of equipment for the arable farmer.

Now, with the second generation involved in the day-to-day running of the business and a highly skilled team of workshop technicians, Ellis Machinery is one of the leading used agricultural machinery dealers in the UK. With a stock of over 400 quality machines located in the heart of the country and a UK distribution network, Ellis Machinery delivers machinery to farmers nationwide every day.

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