Published by AMTEC on 07th Jul 2021

Variable Rate Application Made Easy

Applying seed and fertiliser with variable rate used to be an expensive and technical task. Now thanks to the new iSOYL app you can be set up in no time.

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Variable Rate Application Made Easy

Variable-rate application for spreaders, sprayers, and drills using iPad.

iSOYL is the pioneering App that allows the management of precision crop production tasks directly from the tractor cab via an iPad.

The App is downloaded from the Apple App store and offers growers a solution that makes variable-rate fertiliser or seed application easy and affordable. Customers with a wifi +cellular iPad c/w integral GPS receiver can be up and running for just £495.

Variable-rate application files created in MySOYL are seamlessly transferred to iSOYL ready to apply the correct rate of product for each part of the field. After application, data can be sent back directly to the farm crop recording system, eliminating the need for written notes.

To make things happen, a Wireless iSOYL adaptor is required to connect the iPad to the implement control box, and a simulation demo mode is run to check everything is working correctly (see below photo). This provides a variable application solution seamlessly connecting office and field.

iSOYL is compatible with most major controller units of spreader, sprayer and drill manufacturers, including Amazone, Kuhn, Lemken, Vicon, RDS, Bogballe, Horsch, Vaderstad, Teejet, Raven, John Deere, LH Agro, Fieldstar, Rauch and Kverneland.

iSOYL also allows users to record their points of interest, such as weed populations or crop variation in-field on the move, by dropping a pin on the relevant area and recording a note.

This App drastically reduces costs for growers just beginning to step into the world of variable rate technology.

For more information contact Richard Hales at SOYL on 07825 377274 or email [email protected]

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