Published by AMTEC on 16th Jul 2021

Why Should I Roll After Drilling?

The many benefits of rolling and why it should be done after drilling

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Why should I roll after drilling?

Advantages of Rolling

There are several plant debris, rocks, and related objects in the fields ready for sowing. Such solid material can be harmful to combines, especially when harvesting is done very close to the earth. Many farmers roll the soil before sowing to shove away such material in the soil. Rolling can be undertaken after drilling as it has several benefits.


Removal of clods

Preparation of seedbed means the majority of clods are removed. However, a few may still be there, and these can be bad as they are a haven for several weed seeds and black grass. As a result, such seeds grow after the breakdown of the clod. 

Rolling after drilling helps break up the leftover clods and fosters the seeds of black-grass to grow when the pre-emergence herbicide is working. It helps in making the seedbed solid and smooth.



Condition of soil is very important for efficient working of pre-emergence herbicides. These help in controlling black-grass within and on the surface of the soil. Rolling makes a smooth and levelled surface which enables steady pre-emergence coverage across the entire soil surface. 


Control of Slugs

Damage caused by slugs can affect wheat crops and provide a breeding ground for weeds and black grass. Slugs flourish in uneven seedbeds and quickly get access to seeds and seedlings. So, rolling can control unevenness and kill clods to make land conditions less suitable for slugs. 


Competitive Crop

Rolling is instrumental in improving seed contact to the soil throughout the entire field by uniting any remaining loose soil after drilling. This helps in efficient and even germination resulting in a competitive crop. 


Remember, every crop requires well-drained and deep soil for maximum and fast growth of roots. For this, land rollers are a good choice. Rolled soils help create a good seedbed for the germination of seeds and prevent seeds from getting washed out of the soil, especially light seeds, including flax seeds, grass, alfalfa, etc. 


Rolling is also effective in the removal of any trash from the land. Farmers need to optimise plant yield and crop competition, and with so many benefits rolling is a soil tillage practice that can boost productivity.


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