KVERNELAND TS600 TINE SEEDER 6M - 11018688 For Sale

Stock number: 11018688

KVERNELAND TS600 TINE SEEDER 6M - 11018688 For Sale

Stock number: 11018688


2020 year,only 450 ha. worked, immaculate drill, front levelling paddles, good tines and points.

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Great Plains / Simba X press 5.5 m
John Dalton - 07/06/2024
Honest and very trustfull in dealings ,machines all go through the workshop and are delivered in first class condition ready for work well done regards Tony suckling
Vaderstad 420 Carrier.
Amtec looked after us from the time we arrived at their impeccably laid out site. Nothing was too much trouble. They are easy to deal with and are fair with their pricing and trade in offers.
Mark Osenton - 30/05/2024
Helpful, honest and great service 👍👍
M J C Hocken & Sons - 25/03/2024
There service and contact is second to none very nice group of people and will help in everyway possible
A Edgley Ltd - 05/02/2024

FAQ's about Drills

The drill is probably the most important piece of machinery you’ll buy.  The Drill you buy will depend on the type of tillage system that you use, whether it be a direct drill or strip-tillage system, or a drill and power harrow combination that is perfect for drilling after ploughing.  Direct drills are very popular these days with the UK made drills like Mzuri Seed Drills and Claydon Direct Drills leading the way with direct tine drills. 

Vaderstad revolutionised the drilling market in the ’90s with the rapid which brought high speed, accurate drilling to the fore.  These type of drills are very popular today with models from most of the leading brands including; Horsch, Vaderstad, Kuhn and Kverneland.  Another very common drill used today is the Horsch Sprinter which is a tine type drill that can be adapted for direct drilling.

Direct drilling is very attractive to most farmers as it removes the need for multiple cultivation passes to create a seedbed.  The main benefits are cost reduction due to the reduced groundwork and soil heath as there is less traffic and soil disturbance helping the soil to work organically as nature intended.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for everyone; in some situations, the soil or conditions mean that more cultivation is required to increase the germination of the crop.

To extend the life of your drill and to reduce damage how you store your drill after use is very important.  There are 3 main actions to carry out:

  1. Ensure the drill is thoroughly cleaned out, and all the seed (and fertiliser if it is a grain and fert drill) is removed, leaving seed in the hopper can not only damage the drill but also encourages rodent activity which can cause a lot of expensive damage to the metering system and the electrics.
  2. The drill should be cleaned and oiled/greased this will help keep any water out of the bearings and moving parts which will prevent them from being seized next time you come to use it.
  3. Keep the control box in a warm, dry place. The control box is one of the most important parts of the drill but is also one of the most delicate.  Ensuring that it doesn’t get damp and is kept at a constant temperature means it’ll be working again next year.

A combi or combination seed drill is an agricultural machine that allows for efficient seed planting. A combination drill combines ploughing and sowing into one, using tine or disc cultivators to turn and produce a stale seedbed before sowing the seeds.

Väderstad is a Swedish company, and most of their products (including seed drills) are manufactured in Väderstad, Sweden, the town after which the company is named. All Väderstad Farm Machinery is manufactured at their factory in Langbank, Saskatchewan, in Canada.

Vaderstad’s Seed Hawk line is manufactured in the company’s factory in Langbank, Saskatchewan, in Canada.