Stock number: 11018291


Stock number: 11018291


2013 year, DD bodies, very good metal, straight, genuine plough.


FAQ's about Ploughs

The first consideration when buying a plough should be the ground it will be working, for stony ground consider an auto-reset machine to save stoppages, the soil type also dictated which mouldboard type will work best.  The horsepower of your tractor will obviously determine the size of the plough you can pull.  There are also other options and considerations which are mostly to make it easier for the user such as hydraulic vari-width and hydraulic front furrow. If you are still stuck on which plough to buy, consider reading our used plough buying guide.

To protect the legs of a cultivator or plough from damage, many machines will have shear bolts.  These bolts pass through the leg and frame of the machine and are designed to snap when the legs come in contact with a rock or other unmoving object.  The idea behind this is to save the frame and leg from bending, using an incorrect shear bolt and result in the bolt not shearing and expensive damage occurring to the machine.

Ploughing is a labour-intensive process, and it is tempting to ditch it in favour of much wider cultivation machinery, but ploughing is a very important part of the cultivation system.  Ploughing does something that no other cultivator does; it completely inverts the soil burying the trash and weeds.  Ploughing every few years and vastly improve control of stubborn weeds such as blackgrass.

It depends on where you are – plough is the preferred spelling of the word in forms of English found outside North America, whereas plow is the preferred spelling in the United States and Canada.

Ploughs come in a multitude of different types. The main four types of ploughs are disc ploughs, mould-board ploughs, reversible mould-board ploughs and harrow ploughs.

A plough is an important agricultural tool, which is used to turn and break up soil providing nutrients to the surface, while burying crop residues and weeds below.