Published by AMTEC on 09th Feb 2022

Quality used machinery delivers for Yorkshire farmer

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Having reliable farm machinery is vital to get seasonal work done in a timely way, without disruptive breakdowns or unplanned maintenance costs. That’s why so many farmers opt for new equipment and change it regularly. But that isn’t the only option, as North Yorkshire arable farmer, proves.

Doug is the fourth generation of his family to farm at Osgordby Grange just outside Selby in North Yorkshire, where the family has farmed for more than 100 years. For the last decade of that time, Doug has been dealing with AMTEC, and they’ve become his go-to machinery dealership.

As well as an extensive arable operation comprising mainly wheat, barley, OSR and maize, Doug also finishes approximately 2,500 cattle a year on his 1,400-acre farm. The scale of his operation means that he not only needs the most reliable and effective machinery, but he needs a machinery dealership with the same qualities.

“It is much more affordable to buy second-hand equipment, but you need to know that it is high quality and in good condition, and that’s where AMTEC excels,” explained Doug. “They buy equipment that is two or three years old but only when they can be sure it is in immaculate condition. I sometimes go to the yard, but for the most part, I will just secure a deal over the phone after looking on their website. When they say, ‘it’s right’, then you can trust them to know it’s right.”

Doug started trading with AMTEC some 12 years ago, with the purchase of a toolbar for a Kuhn Power Harrow Drill combination, and they must have impressed, because the list of machinery Doug has since purchased from AMTEC includes a Great Plains Simba SLD, a 6-metre Väderstad, an Avadex applicator, a Volvo excavator and a Quivogne cultivator to name but a few. 

“The Väderstad stands out as one of the best bits of kit we have purchased from them,” says Doug. “We secured a very good price for it, it works on the wide range of soil we have here, and the quality and condition are so good you would never tell it was second-hand. Some of the kit AMTEC sells may be ten years old, but it will be the best ten-year-old kit you will buy.”

As well as providing used farming machinery in superb condition, Doug appreciates AMTEC’s willingness to go the extra mile and the fact that they always provide a fair trade-in price. 

“Recently, I needed some 12-metre rollers. At the time, AMTEC had a selection of three, but they weren’t quite what I was looking for, so the AMTEC team took note of what I was after and went to find them for me. They soon came back to me with a cracking set of rollers - safe to say I was pleased!”

“Another aspect I enjoy about trading with AMTEC is they are very convenient to sell to. It is likely that they have a prospective customer who is looking for your second-hand machine and, from my experience, the price that they give you is always fair,” he concluded.

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